The Site Services Use Agreement (“Agreement”) between users as parties using the site Please read carefully this Agreement. You must read, understand, accept and agree to all terms and conditions in this Agreement before continuing access to the Nutraco Site, If you do not accept and approve one, part or all of the contents of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Users are welcome to leave the Nutraco Site. Every activity related to the use of the Nutraco Site, so that both Us and Users in this matter, are legally protected through applicable regulations on regulations including but not limited to regulations on Electronic Information and Transactions and Intellectual Property Rights, and for all forms of engagement arising from all activities on the Nutraco Site have fulfilled the legal requirements and conditions of an agreement as stated in the Indonesian Civil Code.

    1. This agreement is regulated and interpreted based on the Law of the Republic of Indonesia (Indonesia). The parties mentioned in the Agreement hereby agree to submit to the courts in Indonesia.
    2. In this Agreement what is meant by “Users” are individuals, whether Indonesian citizens, foreign nationals, or legal entities with the ability to use computers, networks, computers and/or other electronic media capable of accessing the Nutraco Site
    3. By accessing or using the Nutraco Site, Users who are included in the category of Users as mentioned in points 1.2 above consciously and without coercion from any party declare themselves agree to accept all terms and conditions contained in this Agreement and the provisions – other provisions that apply on the Nutraco Site.
    4. This agreement may be amended and/or updated every time and We will include the Agreement that has been changed or updated in Nutraco Site. The terms and conditions that have been changed and updated will take effect immediately after the amended and updated terms and conditions are listed on the Nutraco Site, By continuing to access and use the Nutraco Site, the Users agrees to changes in these terms and conditions.
    5. In the Nutraco Site will or there has been a connection or hyperlink (link) connected to the third party site contained in the link outside the Nutraco Site, and we hereby declare not responsible for the contents of the link outside the Nutraco Site or sites provided or installed by third parties (Third Party Content), whether entered by unnamed users or by content providers who receive payments, or not made by us. By displaying Third Party Content on the Nutraco website, it does not mean that neither we nor affiliated parties, officials, officers or employees have a working relationship as a sales agent with these third parties. Third Party content is entirely the responsibility of the content provider. We do not guarantee that all Third Party Content is accurate, does not violate morality, is valid or is true, and is not responsible if the User considers that the Third Party Content can be trusted. In addition, We are not responsible for activities carried out by Users and cannot be held accountable by anyone regarding losses suffered by other parties as a result of User actions.
    1. The User hereby declares that the User is a capable legal subject and is able to bind himself into the Agreement.
    2. Each User agrees not to copy, use or download all information, writings, images, video recordings, directories, documents, databases or advertisements on the Nutraco Site or obtained through the Nutraco Site for any purpose including and not limited to such as reselling or redistributing the contents of the Nutraco Site, conducting mass marketing (via e-mail, SMS, regular mail or other communication media, be it electronic media, social media, etc.), running a business to compete with the Nutraco Site or utilizing the Nutraco Site for commercial purposes outside of transaction activities on the Nutraco Site. Users are not allowed to take the contents of the Nutraco Site systematically to create or compile, either directly or indirectly, collections, compilations, databases or directories (either using automated devices or manual processes) without our written permission. In addition, Users are not permitted to use the contents or materials mentioned above for any purpose not mentioned in this Agreement.
    3. When visiting and using the Nutraco Site, including any features and services, each User is not permitted to:
      Violates any applicable law (including but not limited to regulations regarding export control, consumer protection, unfair competition, anti-discrimination or false advertising), the rights of other parties both intellectual, basic and other rights, and regulated rules on this Agreement. Providing information and content that is wrong, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory, immoral, pornographic, discriminatory or racist. Take actions that can disrupt the system of suggestions and/or ratings (such as displaying, importing or exporting information or input from outside sites or using it for purposes not related to Nutraco Site). Spread spam, things that are not immoral, or large amounts of electronic messages, serial messages. Disseminate viruses or all other similar technologies that can damage and / or harm the Nutraco site, its affiliates and other users. Entering or removing features on the Nutraco Site is no exception without the knowledge and consent of us. Save, imitate, change, or disseminate the content and features of the Nutraco Site, including the ways of service, content, copyright and intellectual property found on the Nutraco Site.
    4. By continuing to access or continue to use the Nutraco Site, the User is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the terms of the Nutraco Site regarding the Privacy Policy (Kebijakan Privasi) which regulates the issue of the use of information entered by each User into the Nutraco Site. The user accepts this provision as well as additions or any changes or updates. Users understand and know consciously that We can change the provisions of this Privacy Policy at any time and will include the latest version on the Nutraco Site. By continuing to access and use the Nutraco Site, the User is deemed to accept and agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy (Kebijakan Privasi) listed on the Nutraco Site at the time of use.
    5. Users acknowledge and agree that the prices listed on the Nutraco Site may change at any time and without prior notice.
    1. We work with trusted providers of banking services/payment services in providing various payment methods on the Nutraco Site that can be used by Users.
    2. Each User has the right to choose the payment method provided by Us, which the User feels is more comfortable and easy to transact on the Nutraco Site, where each payment transaction fee will be suspended to that user.
    3. The user is obliged to pay in full for each transaction made within the period specified by us specifically for each payment method before we can process further transactions from the User. If the User has not carried out the payment within the specified time period, we have the right to declare that the transaction has been canceled by that User.
    4. Each User can clarify payment transactions that have been carried out directly to the banking service provider/payment service provider that works with Us in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions.
    5. In the event that there is an obligation for us to make a refund due to one reason or another for the User transaction on the Nutraco Site, then we will immediately contact the User via the available communication (e-mail or telephone) to request confirmation and required User data, If within 7 (seven) calendar days it turns out that the User cannot be contacted or does not respond to Us, We are not responsible for the delay in the refund process as intended, and therefore we cannot be held accountable for paying fines, interest payments and other sanctions related to the delay in the refund process.
    6. Users are prohibited from using the credit card payment method other than for transaction payment tools on the Nutraco Site. If the User uses the method of credit card payment for the cash withdrawal transaction, we have the right to do:
      Hold the refund / refund process to the User. Cut the payment funds that have been paid by the User during the refund process. Disable and close the User account.
    1. The user fully understands that the refund process depends on the payment method used by the Users when making transactions on the Nutraco Site
    1. We can only send every products/services that has been ordered by the User after knowing and getting payment funds from the User appropriately and according to the value of the product/service purchased or the nominal transaction from the User.
    2. We work with a trusted logistics company/ postal company that will send each product/ service purchased by the User.
    3. We entrust logistics companies/postal companies that have cooperated with us in implementing the types of shipping services, costs, estimated delivery times, and shipping guarantees available and printed on the Nutraco Site.
    4. All forms of complaints regarding shipping are the responsibility of the logistics company / postal company that works with us. We will endeavor to facilitate between Users and logistics companies / postal companies that work with Us, and in this regard the User agrees to release Us for all claims and losses suffered by Users related to the process of shipping products / services.
    5. The user has the right to file a complaint with us for the quality of delivery that has been provided by a logistics company / postal company that cooperates with us or submits a complaint directly to the logistics company / postal company that works with us in the period and the provisions in accordance with the determined by the logistics company.
    1. We are the sole owner or legal holder of all rights to and content in the Nutraco Site. The Nutraco Site and its contents include intellectual property rights protected by copyright laws and laws that protect other intellectual property that apply throughout the world. All property rights and intellectual property rights of the Nutraco Site and their contents remain with Us, its affiliates or license owners of the contents of the Nutraco Site. All rights not included in this Agreement or by Us hereby protected by law. The Nutraco Site, name and related icons and logos are registered trademarks in various jurisdictions and are protected by laws regarding copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights. It is strictly forbidden to use, change, or install these brands on any media without our consent.
    1. All notices or requests for information to or about Us will be processed if made in writing and sent to: PT Nutraco Mesindotama Komplek Duta Harapan Indah Blok I no.03, Jl Kapuk Muara, Jakarta Utara - 14450
    2. All notices or requests to or about Users will be processed if submitted directly, sent by courier, registered letter, facsimile or e-mail to the e-mail address, facsimile or e-mail address provided by the User to Us or by placing the notification or request in one place on Nutraco Site which can be accessed by the public without being charged. Notification to the User will be deemed to have been received by the User if and if: We can show that the communication, both physical and electronic, has been sent to that User, or We have posted the notice on the Nutraco Site which is publicly accessible free of charge.
    1. To find out all the terms, guarantees and other terms regarding product returns, Users are welcome to email us in
    1. Users understand that We may at any time make changes (reduction or addition) to the provisions of this Agreement. We recommend that Users periodically and carefully see this Agreement. By continuing to access and/or use the Nutraco Site, the User is deemed to have agreed to changes in this privacy policy.
    1. This agreement is governed and interpreted under Indonesian Law. Any disputes that may arise between Users and Us in connection with the use of the Nutraco Site and/or the implementation of this Agreement will be settled exclusively within the jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Indonesia.
    1. We and the User are independent relationships and there is no agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-company or franchises relationship that will be created or made in the presence of this Agreement.
    2. The title in this Agreement is made as a reference only, and does not at all establish, limit, explain or describe what is or is included in the article.
    3. Our rights to claim our rights under this Agreement or not taken by us against violations committed by Users against this Agreement will not exclude or do not exclude our rights to take action against similar or subsequent violations.
    4. By using the services on the Nutraco Site, the User has read, understood, obeyed and agreed to this Agreement and all the terms and conditions that apply on the Nutraco Site.