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A wide range of variants with proven, advanced technology. The PROBAT shop roasters use specially developed shovel mechanisms in all machine sizes to move the beans in the drum. This guarantees the best-possible mixing at a set rotation speed. Inside the roaster, the beans move along precisely defined paths. A controlled flow of hot air roasts the beans via convection with minimum drum contact. This results in a highly consistent roast and a uniform bean pattern.

The PROBATONE roaster is available in three different models, with batch sizes between five and 25 kilograms and a roasting capacity of 17 to 85 kilograms per hour. The PROBATINO is specially developed for smaller businesses. With its recommended batch size of one kilogram, it is perfect for producing, testing and perfecting small quantities of roasted coffee with an output of up to 4 kg per hour. These tabletop roasters are much more than just miniature versions of PROBAT’s industrial products. The shop roasters are where our success story began.

The high processing quality of the PROBATONE series is partly thanks to its premium cast iron components. The machines roast and cool simultaneously, with separate exhaust for cooling and roasting air. Fully adjustable gas control and advanced burner technology ensure high flexibility, while the touch panel enables convenient control. A range of customised expansion options are also available, such as semi-automatic control.

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Volt 3000V
Hertz 100Hz