Tricolor Filled Cookie Depositor

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1. Forming method: two-color farci and three-color farci

2. The fastest working times: 55 times/min for filling and pinching, 80 times/min for cutting, 40 times/min for extrusion

3. Biscuits weight deviation: Biscuits ±4% (weigh every 5 biscuits);

4. Production speed: Determined according to the furnace length and baking time of the production line

5. Energy requirements: Determined according to customer needs (generally 380V/50Hz) Total power: about 14.5KW

6. Servo motors are used for meshing and lifting of grooved rollers, material pumps and pinch-off components Drive, independent motor control, frequency conversion speed regulation

7. Parameters such as feeding speed and extrusion speed are controlled by touch screen, which is easy to operate

8. The material pump assembly is fixed by the worm gear clamping method, which can be quickly realized by rotating the hand wheel Clamping or loosening of the material pump components, easy to disassemble, clean and replace

9. The stuffing runner assembly is clamped by an eccentric wheel, which can be quickly clamped or loosened for easy removal and cleaning

10. The periodic action of the pinch-off assembly adopts an eccentric wheel linkage mechanism, and the speed parameters can be adjusted independently for meshing and lifting

11. The surface of the pressure roller is treated with Teflon, the surface is smooth and non-sticky, and the speed is adjusted by frequency modulation

12. Equipped with a multifunctional trolley to assist in the replacement of the material pump components and extrusion die components, which facilitates the removal of the material pump and mold cleaning

13. The pump tooth adopts herringbone tooth, the feeding amount is more accurate

14. The sauce injection tank roller assembly and the feed pump assembly can be taken out and cleaned separately, which is convenient and simple to install and disassemble

15. The working height of the steel belt can be fine-tuned conveniently and quickly through the hand wheel

16. The machine straddles the steel belt, and the cake falls directly on the steel belt

17. The surface of the main structural parts are plated with hard chrome treatment, which is not easy to rust